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Tristan O'Neill

Tristan O'Neill's work as a documentary photographer in the contemporary dance scene has received much public acclaim. His remarkable candid imagery uniquely conveys the atmosphere and vitality of the contemporary dance phenomenon with skill very few posess.

Tristan has appeared on television shows "Shift", "Club Nation" and "Clubavision" and has had work published in, among many others, "Ministry Magazine", "Muzik", "Mixmag","DJ", "Maxim", "Front", "THE FACE" and various national papers. His work has appeared on record, CD, video and book covers, the Internet and has images held in various picture libraries.

Tristan has been photographing the Club Scene and Big Dance music events for the last six years working as a freelance. He was the first photographer in the dance scene to exhibit this type of work, and has held eight successful exhibitions to date.


"Absolutelly sublime! Wicked, fantastic, the best most interesting photographs of the dance culture I've seen to date!"
Vienah Purrell (Enfield)

"Excellent- A star in the making! Hire this man before someone else snaps him up!!"
C. Fergusson (Carlton TV)

"The pictures are so loud you can feel the sound"

"Tristan is brilliant, absolutely brilliant "."Tristan is very talented. I would say he is the most talented photographer in the country. There is nothing more difficult than doing the rave scene because of the lighting and I feel that Tristan portrays the atmosphere of the scene very well."
Gary Clarke, taken from and Interview in TO THE CORE Magazine (Gary has been doing music photography for over twenty years)

"M8 photographer TRISTAN O'NEILL, one of the dance scene's most prolific, talented photographers".."some of the most exciting club images the dance scene has ever seen."
M8 Magazine

"Amazing Images, I now know what I'm missing!"
D.Lemow (Carlton TV)