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sebastien fitch

Sebastien Fitch is an artist originally from Toronto, Canada, who has been living in the U.K. for the past two years. He works in various media: wood, steel, paint, collage - whatever he has access to and feels would best suit a given idea.
"In my paintings I try to to meld the direct, external nature of observation with the introspective qualities inherent in the act of viewing. I often focus on one principal subject that dominates the canvas, whether it be an entire figure, a chair or an apple.
These paintings are all about how that object or person relates to the painter, both as a viewer and as a co-habitant of a shared physical space. They are an attempt at communicating my experience of the subject before me, my relationship to them, the memories and associations that they elicit. The paint serves as a filter through which the viewer can see a world that is just a hairís breadth away from the one they experience; the world as seen by another."
Whereas most of Sebastienís paintings are based on observation from nature, his sculptures, on the other hand, seem anything but natural. With hints of both surrealism and science-fiction, they have an entrancing and unsettling - almost apprehensive - beauty. Each is an intricately built puzzle that reflects upon our growing dependence on technologies, and the price we might pay for the apparent freedoms they bring us.
As with his paintings, these works are meant to provoke the viewer into thinking about both the world around them as well as the one within their own minds and bodies.