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Adrian Pritchard

Lauren Laverne BBC’s the Culture Show in Grazia
Adrian Pritchard Unstrung Theory 2009

Gloopiest art show of the week this one, in which artist Adrian Pritchard “Investigates the nature of Matter” via “Viscous Substances, entropy and symmetry”. I think that means he pours, spins and throws paint at stuff and it LOOKS COOL. I’m in!

Adrian Pritchard: Unstrung Theory
18 August, 2009 | By Yasmin Ali The Architects Journal
Artist Adrian Pritchard’s solo show unpicks string theory
Blackpool-based artist and gallerist Adrian Pritchard captures motion in his paintings using practiced techniques such as pouring on a single point on a flat canvas before spinning to disperse the colours. The works are left to dry flat for several months. Some ‘grow’ thick layers of paint which can produce stalactite-like forms; others crack revealing layers and sub-layers below.
These accompany kinetic art installation String Theory – a live work in progress during its exhibition. Viscous liquids are chosen for their symmetrical and entropic qualities – watching paint dry has never been so interesting.

"I make work that attempts to redefine our relationship with matter by using gravity, the very force that universally dictates form. By working with the tensions between friction and fluidity, the dynamic and the static, the imposed geometry of the support/venue and the inherent viscosity of commercial gloss paint, I explore the on-going visual aesthetic. Just as a research scientist sets up the parameters of an experiment, I set up the ground upon which the interaction of self-regarding man and nature can take place, and the resulting work moves from matter to metaphor.” Adrian Pritchard

Last year Adrian was chosen for a number of exhibitions Including New “Trends in Painting” Leicester City Gallery and “North West Open Prize “ Art Gene Cumbria, Adrian was also involved in Liverpool Independents where he exhibited in two group exhibitions one at Wolstenholme Square, the other at Red Wire gallery.

Adrian currently lives and works in the North West as well as London and Tokyo. His work appears in numerous collections including University College Falmouth, One Aldwych London and the British Embassy Tokyo.
The National Gallery’s Public Catalogue Foundation is to publish some of Adrian’s Cornish work as part of the South Wests public art collection, this is been commissioned by University College Falmouth.

adrian pritchard cv

1973 Born in Garstang Lancashire


1999-2001 Slade School of Fine Art (M.F.A Painting University College London)
1999-2001 British Academy Award (A.H.R.B London)
1995-1998 University College Falmouth ( BA Hons Fine Art First Class )
1997 Ferdynand Zweig Memorial Fund ( Travel Scholarship Japan )
1994-1995 Blackpool & Fylde College ( Foundation Art Dip Distinction)
1992-1994 Blackpool & Fylde College ( Illustration Dip Distinction)

Solo Exhibitions

2007 “Osmosis” Marsh Mill Lancashire
“eu-sta-cy” Lowry Hotel Manchester
2003 “Flux & Fusion” Catto Contemporary London
2002 Glaxo Smith Kline Harlow Essex
1999 President Hotel Tsumagoi Japan
Ginza Gallery House Ginza Tokyo
1997 Miki Gallery Ginza Tokyo
Falmouth College of Art Gallery Cornwall

Group Exhibitions

2006 Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Open Grundy Gallery Lancashire
Red Wire Gallery Biennial Liverpool
Round One Way Independents Biennial Liverpool
New Trends in Painting since 2000 Leicester
Lowry Hotel Manchester
2005 North West Prize Art Gene Gallery Cumbria
Lowry Hotel Manchester
Naked Wall Gallery Westbourne Studios London
Sefton Open Atkinson Gallery Southport
2004 Big Art Challenge North West Lowry Museum Manchester
Line & Form Stephen Lacey Gallery London
2003 Art 2003 London
Blackhorse Studios London
2002 F-EST London
Art 2002 London
Catto Contemporary London
Blackhorse Studios London
2001 Omori Bellport Japan
Catto Contemporary London
Kinnijoespace Hamburg Germany
Beatrice Royal Gallery East Leigh
New Bloomsbury’s Scarlet Maguire Gallery London
Paton Gallery London
Slade School of Fine Art London
Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition London
Five Artists Here and Now Art Factory Tokyo
2000 Tyohu International Tokyo
Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition London
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum NAU Tokyo
Slade School of Fine Art London
1999 Come Hell or High Water Penzance Cornwall
Studio Nope Tokyo
1998 Falmouth College of Arts Cornwall
1997 Quality of light St Ives Cornwall
1996 Proof Print Studios Penrin Cornwall


University College Falmouth Cornwall
Comme Ca Art Manchester
Dulux Exhibition Centre Preston (Touring)
International Art Consultancies (Art for Offices)London
Naked Wall London
One Aldwych London
Asahi Photographic News Tokyo
Charle More Fashion Tokyo
British Embassy Tokyo
Chiswick Moran London