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Gerwyn Havard

Marie Curie noted on the first evening of its creation, that radium gave off a bluish glow and that this colour was the most beautiful colour she had ever seen.
From a distance salt can look like snow, although on closer inspection it is found to be its opposite.
Myth is like a radioactive substance - it is dangerous even in small doses and like radiation its power seeps out year by year, sometimes for thousands of years. It is best contained.
Some stars are long dead by the time their light reaches Earth. The consequences of objects can in this way outlast their physical forms.
Chemical fatigue can only lead in one direction. Bread is unable to resist decay under the normal rules of the physical world. It is therefore unsuitable for building a structure that will last longer than the span of the imaginative resonance it triggers.

1995-98 Royal Academy Schools, Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Art, Painting
1989-92 Central Saint Martins School of Art, BA Hons) in Fine Art, Painting
1981-84 University of Birmingham, (BA Hons) in English Literature and Language
1998 Summer Exhibition,Royal Academy - London
1996 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy
1995 Royal Overseas League Open - London
1994 The Art Show - London
1993 Seven Sisters Gallery - London
1991 The Annexe Gallery - London
1990 Cohn and Wolfe Exhibtion, Lethaby Gallery - London
1997 Curator of the "Red Square" Forums for Contemporary Art, Royal Academy