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Anne Robinson

Born Scotland 1959
"As a practising artist since 1980, my work has primarily been ideas led – often about memory, language, the subconscious and sexuality; and I have used a range of media.
For 3-4 years, I have been working on (mostly small scale) installations which combine slide projection, painting, objects and text as well as photographs and slide boxes. The often-beguiling colours used belie the more disturbing content lurking underneath, invoking the spectator’s own memories and thoughts on sexuality as well as their responses to the rather enigmatic texts. At a more personal level, dreams have also provided source material.
Working on installations with painted surfaces and videos where the screen surface and light take on a painterly quality has led me back to using oil paint on canvas. The current series of paintings is drawn directly from video stills – exploring the isolated moment of the freeze frame. Formally this has grown out of a fascination with the relationship between still and moving images, perception and light qualities in video and paint. Conceptually, there are other resonances. In some ways, the pictures resemble old-fashioned figure compositions, but ignore the conventions of composition and present the viewer with awkward and uncomfortable details. The activity of painting scenes and people without sufficient visual information adds another dimension to the work, as does the apparent contradiction in choosing a labour intensive medium where new media technology allows complex imagery to be produced in an instant. In terms of their content, drawn from TV police and medical series, these images may be incomprehensible forcing the spectator to formulate a response. The works are interconnected, but can stand alone – each isolated from the diegesis – from the casual flow of its narrative source."

1977-80 Glasgow School of Art Foundation Studies & 2 years of Painting
and mixed media on degree programme
1984-87 St Martin’s School of Art BA (Hon.) 2:1 – Fine Art (Film)
1998-90 University of Westminster PGD Film & TV Studies
1991-93 University of Greenwich PGCE (FE)
Film & Video
Real Woman
1984 Royal Fellowship
17 Rooms
1985 Missionaries
1985 Love Hurts
1986 Boot Monkeys
1986 Corridors
1987 Sunday School
1987 Four Minute Cut
1987 Pierrot Lunaire
1996 Citymen Persuasion
Current Ringside at Oz
BBC2, Channel 4, Leicester Film Festival, London Gay Film Festival, Metro, Rio, LFMC
1983 See Red Cockpit Gallery
1986 Against The Odds Brixton Gallery
1986 Class of 86 Royal Festival Hall
1986 Missionaries Black Art Gallery
1986 Last Requests Brixton Gallery
1987 Group Show Centerprise
1992 First Out Two person show with Sheila Gillie
1992 Exposing Ourselves The Worx
1994 Mirror Mirror Brighton Marina
1996 Festival Spitalfields
1992,94,96,98 Open Studios Whitechapel
1999 Solo Show Apt Gallery, London
Community Projects
1981-83 See Red Women’s Workshop
Brixton Gallery Education Workshops
1983-88 Square Peg Magazine & other film reviews
Holly Street CD
1999 Public Art in Hackney
1985-87 Various Part Time
1989-90 Part Time Lecturer, Photography Dept Southend College
1989-90 Associate Lecturer in Video Hackney College
1990-93 Full Time Lecturer Hackney Community College
1993-98 Senior Lecturer:Film, Media,
Photography & Multi-media Hackney Community College