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Patrick Hylton

Art Statement

I believe life can be infinite, and that both animate and inanimate subjects can possess life alike. Life present in the animate is of itself, self-evident. However, as a photographer I personally believe I must endeavour to take on the challenge of bringing life to the non-living. The use of film allows me to breathe life into the buildings, streets and scenery that composes our daily surroundings. Film in essence provides me with the means to capture the living form, body, and presence of objects that are routinely ignored. With each photo, it is my intention to create life within the inanimate and give it, if you will, a soul. This is the key objective of my work, to make life seemingly infinite. In effect, allowing you to feel the motion, the vibrancy, the congeniality, and the breath of each subject, within the realm of what my eye has seen. For it is my desire that you will become, evermore aware, that each photo taken has been innately perceived.

Patrick Hylton

I have been photographing for over 15yrs now, and have made it my interest to follow my instincts and deliver what I perceive in the conceptions, (photos) I produce throughout my worldly travels. I have shot in Europe, the Caribbean and North America and intend to shoot throughout South America, Africa and Asia/Malaysia. I pride myself on the fact that all my work is hand held, without the use of flash. I feel that photography should be natural and thus avoid the use of any assistance.

All prices listed are as stated but are subject to change through, 'make an offer'. Printing is done using professional, high quality Fuji paper. Photos are available in larger sizes, at "24x20"(60x50cm)portrait and "20x24"(50x60cm)landscape for an additional 200. Also "30x20"(75x50cm)portrait and "20x30"(50x75cm)landscape for an additional 300. Image size may differ slightly from the published dimensions.