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Natasha Rosenbaum

For the first time in the UK, emerging Russian artist Natasha Rosenbaum will present her captivating paintings and watercolours in a two week exhibition at The Light Contemporary Gallery from Wednesday 1st February (private view) to Sunday 12th February 2006.

In her forthcoming exhibition entitled Figures, Natasha will display a fine selection of her latest paintings and watercolours. Known for atmospheric and fragmental compositions, her oeuvre focus largely on the human figure, but aside from this she also offers a range of interesting landscapes and self-portraits.

Most of her recent paintings have a purposefully ‘unfinished’ and ethereal look, as if they were still ‘under construction’. Rather than precise photographic representations of her subjects, her paintings tend to take a more fluid form, somewhere between matter and air and made of apparently quick brushstrokes. The results are at times dark and dense images, at other times colourful and light, but always engaging and imaginative.

Natasha Rosenbaum’s work perfectly illustrates the relevance of contemporary Russian painting and embodies its significant role in the current European context. Her use of volatile colours suggests many art historical predecessors, including Velasquez, Degas and Modigliani, among others, but her works are highly original.

In “Homage to Vermeer” (featured above right) we identify a female figure floating loose in the picture. Her face is confidently starring at the viewer; her body however is only a sketch of colours blending with the background. Paint drips along her face and the viewer can’t be certain if the image is actually fading or about to assemble before our eyes. It’s a remarkable picture, which reveals its structure and texture from inside out.

“Figures – paintings and watercolours by Natasha Rosenbaum” runs 1st February – 12th February 2006 at Light Contemporary Gallery 5a Porchester Place, London W2

Natalia Rosenbaum

Natasha Rosenbaum was born in 1960 in the Gorlovka, Donets region which is now the Ukraine; she grew up there until the age of 16 when she moved to St. Petersburg. In 2001, Natasha decided to establish herself on Moscow.

Natasha started her career as an artist when she was 30 years old. Before that she followed a completely different path working in the very technical environment of engineering. In 1983 she graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and subsequently worked as an engineer at Russian research institute Electrosila for several years. In 1991, tired of the constraints of engineering and longing for a more creative role, she began attending evening classes at the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, in St Petersburg

Between 1991 and 1996, Natasha took private tuitions in the studio of Victor Korobeinkov, at the Gaza Palace of Culture. With Victor as her mentor, Natasha lived an intense period of art education and personal self-development, during which she was introduced to the metaphysical principles of painting, nature and philosophy.

During the year of 1997, she spent a great deal of time studying and copying the works of great European artists at the Hermitage Museum, such as Velazquez, Giuseppe Maria Crespi and Edgar Degas, which would later on have an immediate impact on her painting style.

Since 1998, the artist has been exhibiting mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg, including at the Central House of the Artist (Moscow) and the International Federation of Artists (St. Petersburg). In 2003 she represented Russia at the 4th edition of the Florence Biennale. For this prestigious and international art event, a 40-page catalogue of her work was published containing essays by Professor Mikhail German and Yulia Kcharina. Her work is represented in both public and private collections in Russia, USA, Israel and Canada.

Natasha says of painting “…excites and calms, resolves questions and instills confidence, activates all levels of the conscious - and perhaps the subconscious too”.

Natasha lives and works in St.-Petersburg
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