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Barbara Piatti

1964 Born in Laufen, Switzerland .
1986 Attended Department of History of Art and Philosophy at Zürich University,
1988 Settled in Paris .Studied there with the Irish painter Reginald Gray during two years. Member of Visarte, professional association of swiss artists.
1997 Moved on to Berlin for two years. Created oil paintings on canvases and papers on the revitalization and rebuilding of the new city, Potsdamer Platz, focusing on industrial landscapes. Print of the catalogue" Berlin- Paris".
1999 Moved back to France. Settled near Orléans at the river Loire, les Grands
Malacots, exploring industrials places, human lives and the grandeur of the river
Loire. Print of the catalogue "Au bord de la Loire".
2003 She got the French nationality too.
2005 Moved to New York, Chelsea, April-June through. Created oil paintings on
canvases and papers of New York City life.
In July went back to France, Malacots.
Big One Woman show in Switzerland,"Malacots - New York via Venise"
2006 Travel to the Philippines "Millésime 2007"
2008 Artist residency with Imagine Gallery in Beijing August-November"Beijing Short Cuts"
2009 Artsit residency with Imagine Gallery in Beijing Mai-July"Shanghai Short Cuts"
2010 Three month stay in New York "Manhattan Soul"
2012 Artist residency in Beijing with Imagine Gallery, April-June
Since 1990 many solo exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Basel, Beijing and also represented at International Art fairs. Represented since 2008 by Imagine Gallery in Beijing/Peking,Tianjin.
2013 Artist residency in Beijing,exhibitions at Swiss Embassy in Beijing and Imagine,Gallery.
2014 Exhibition in Halle,Gallery Zaglmaier