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Lorna Dilley

Lorna Dilley

I have a large body of work executed over the last 8 years. I am trying now to get my work seen by a wide audience.

I was trained as a State Enrolled Nurse in 1975. Married and brought up a family.
In 1999 I completed a Foundation course in Art and Design at Hastings College. For several years afterwards I still attended college expanding my education on their Post Foundation course. I also started painting at in my own studio.


Wadhurst Art Exhibition 1999
Hastings College Post Foundation Exhibition, Riviera Gallery 2000
Stables Christmas Show, Stables Gallery, Hastings 2000
Gwen Watford Gallery, Hastings 2001
'The Painted Surface' Exibition, group show, Stables Gallery 2001
Exhibition with Ickenox Fine Art, part of a goup show, at Truman's Gallery , Brick Lane London 2004
Will be part of a group exhibition at The Rye Gallery, Rye.
I was contacted by The Saatchi gallery to be part of their new artists web page after my web site had been looked at by their researchers. I was delighted to be considered of a high enough standard to be considered!

Will be exhibiting at The Bourne Hall Hastings from 31st March 2007 for a week, where I am putting in the new smaller pieces of work. These are painted on deep edged canvases with a colour taken round the edge.

My painting process continues at home, working from a variety of source material. I like to draw in a sketch book which I try to do regularly.

I have completed work commissioned for peoples homes in specific colour schemes. This has lead me to work with a restricted palette, which is a new dicipline for me.

I enjoy working in collage, mixed media,charcoal,any sort of material that can make a mark.The addition of metalic paint and beads to the 'palette' has given me a new source of interest.

The continuous threads for me are colour influencing tone, and mark making. Sometimes mark making goes into overdrive and becomes very decrotive, not 'bad' just fussy to the eye!

I find working in series interesting, all thoughts, ideas, can be spread out over several canvases for viewing. The Blue Bench series is one such journey.

Now having moved house in 2010, I am in the process of setting up a painting spot and hope to continue in a brand new vain shortly.

Watch this space for new completed work.