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Nazik  Aslanyan

Nazik Aslanyan /born in 1977/


1989-1992 studied in Esthetic center of Yerevan

1992-1994 studied in studio of artist Armen Sahakyan

1994-1999 Graduated Art Acedemy of Yerevan


1997 group exhibition in London

1998 group exhibition in Yerevan ''AOKS'' center

2000 solo exhibition in Yerevan in hall of Ministry of Culture

2000 group exhibition in Yerevan the press agency

2001 solo exhibition in Washington

2001 solo exhibition in Boston

2002 group exhibition in Yerevan ''Moscow cinema'' gallery

2003- founder chairman of "Harmonios Development " ngo

2004 group exhibition in Artists Union hall

2008 member of Artists Union of Armenia

2009 group exhibition at Artists Union hall of Yerevan

2009 solo exhibition at "Academia" gallery , Yerevan

2010- Group exhibitions at Armenian Diaspora halls, Canada

2010-Group exhibition at “Lessedra” gallery, Sofia

2012-Group exhibition at Artists Union Hall, Yerevan

2013- Group exhibition at "Agora Gallery", New York

2012-2013 One year presentation by "Agora Gallery" New York

2014- Group exhibition at Yerevan municipality hall

2015- Group exhibition at "Haykazyan Uziversity" hall, Beyrut

2015- Group exhibition at "Komitas" museum hall, Yerevan

2015- Solo exhibition at "Academia" gallery, Yerevan

2016-Solo exhibition at Yerevan Modern Art Museum

2017-Exhibition at SIAC-Marseille, France

About my Art

In my paintings I explore the most important feature of the Universe. I am trying to reach its essence. It is in everything: In the Sun, in flowers or trees, in all details of our life. Understanding of it is mean to reach a real happiness...