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Zenon Jepras

Zenon Jepras was born in Cardiff, Wales, UK in 1969 to Greek parents, from Corfu and Cyprus. After reading Physics at University College London and extensive travels abroad, he studied painting at Glasgow School of Art.
During leave of absence of one year (1991-92) he studied at the Cyprus College of Art and travelled widely in the Middle East, before returning to Glasgow to complete his studies. There he developed a keen interest in narrative art and endeavoured to tell stories within his own work.
Zenon graduated in 1994 with BA(hons) in Fine Art including a first class distinction for his prize-winning thesis on Homer's Odyssey (Ullyssean Voices: A Narrative Deconstruction of People and Themes in Homer's Odyssey, 1994).
In 1993 he received the Liquitex International Art Prize and has since exhibited in numerous solo and group shows around Europe; in April 1997 he represented the Republic of Cyprus at the eighth Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, in Turin and Helsinki.
In 2005, a retrospective show of his work toured in Germany, as part of the European Union's "Cultural Year of the Ten" programme.
Zenon has continued to live and work in the UK and Cyprus, dividing his time between painting full time for group and solo shows at home and abroad, and his little angel, Nephele.