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Noriko Michigami

I have been living far from my country for many years, surrounded by different people. This has helped me to look at myself objectively and I find myself emotive and bared in this country. I have more chanced to think about general human life and emotion through daily living and what I have recognised is that we have common feelings such as love, anger, sadness, even though we have different language and expressions.

Soon after I began painting in England I became aware that mostly my sense of sensibilities originated in Japan. For example, the simplicity and the sense of 'Praise of shadows' and the Japanese traditional concept of 'mono-no-aware'(to understand and respond to the appeal of objects to the human heart), effect not only my emotion, but they make my perception.

I often use architectural elements and light and shadow in my paintings to convey my psychological state, which in turn reflects my interest in the relationship between the intimate space and my own personal intimacy. In a sense I see architecture as an individual form with the vertical elements mirroring the human figure.

My paintings often reveal emotion of isolation or melancholy which I feel in the transience of human life and condition. This is emphasised by the colours I use, paticularly a sepia-like, brownish warm colour(which comforts me a lot.) My painting is shaped by the juxtaposition of my memeory of experience and my empathy towards objects and people. I try to paint minimum objects and simplify the image as much as possible, leaving spaces to invite the viewer into my paintings.

1997-1999 London Guildhall University, MA by Project
1992-1997 London Guildhall University, BA(Hons) Fine Art
1990-1992 London Guildhall University, Certificate in Painting
1989-1990 Heatherley School of Fine Art
1988 Moved to England
1985-1988 Graphic Designer with Standard Publicity Ltd. In Japan
1983-1985 Graphic Designer with Toppan Design Studio in Japan
1982-1983 Ochanomizu Art School in Japan

Solo Exhibitions
2011 A little day dream I saw in the dark, Departure Art Centre, Limehouse, London
2010 Old Romantic and New Romantic, ING Commercial Banking, 60 London Wall, London
2007 Old Romantic and New Romantic, Departure Art Center, Limehouse, London
2002 In Praise of Shadows, Off Broadway, Broadway Market, Hackney, London
2000 Praise of Shadows, The Mill Lane Gallery with Talisman Fine Art, London
1996 Ai-Shu in the East End, Diorama Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013 The Annual Art 2013 Exhibition, The Orangery, Holland Park, London
2012 Open Open 2012, Swiss Cottage Library Gallery, London
2012 It is Green, Cultivate Gallery, Vyner Street, Hackney, London
2009 Ealing International Art Exhibition, The International Presbyterian Church, Ealing, London
2009 Departure and Epiphany, St Anne's Church, Limehouse, London
2007 Annual Open, Cafe Gallery, Southwark Park, London
2007 M.A.D.E at Morley Gallery, London
2006 One thing in Common, Gallery Kaleidoscope, London
2006 The United Society of Artists’85th Annual Exhibition, Cotton Centre, London
2005 Mile of Art (Event), Broadway Market, Hackney, London
2005 Waterloo Gallery Summer Open 2005, London
2005 Morley Gallery, London
2004 The Inspired Art Fair 2004, The Truman Brewery, London
2004 Originals 04 The Contemporary Printmaking Show, Mall Galleries, London
2003 Morley Gallery, London
2003 Late Spring Show, Off Broadway, Broadway Market, Hackney, London
2002 Hidden Art of Hackney, Off Broadway, Broadway Market, Hackney, London
2002 The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London
2002 Sefton Open Exhibition 2002, The Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport
2001 Small is Beautiful XIX : Still Life, Flowers East, London
1999 The Art of Imagination, Mall Galleries, London
1998 New English Art Club, Mall Galleries, London
1997 Art in Business organised by East London Small Business Centre, London
1995 Art Aid in association with Marie Curie Cancer Care, 77 Cornhill, London

1999 The Ward C. Rogers Memorial Awards-2nd Prize
1997 Owen Rowley Prize

DfEE.; BHA Network Photography Ltd.; City Side Regeneration Ltd.; Inn or Out Ltd.; Product Design Solutions Ltd.; Transport Design;, Tomcat Design and private collections in England, Scotland, Holland, Italy

2004 Catalogue for The Inspired Art Fair 2004 - colour reproduction “My favourite place”, “Rialto
2000 Catalogue for The Art of Imagination - b/w reproduction “Dragging My Heart”
2000 ‘Praise of Shadows’ preview, NorthWest magazine, issue 38, Apr
2000 ‘Praise of Shadows’ preview, The Nichi-Ei Times, No. 195, 6 Apr
1999 London Guildhall University, Handbook ‘99 - colour reproduction “Fruit Stall in Petticoat
Lane”, “A True Man in Brick Lane”, “Gateway to the East!”
1999 London Guildhall University, G Echo magazine - colour reproduction “A True Man in Brick
Lane”, Oct
1998 ‘Ai-Shu in Brick Lane’ review by Steven Quigley, Notice Board(London Guildhall University
Former Metropolitan University) 27 Mar
1997 ‘Creative accounting’ review by Jessica Odubayo, East End Life, 24-30 Nov
1996 ‘Ai-Shu in the East End’ preview, The Nichi-Ei Times, No.104, 15 Feb