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Wassana Dobson

I have been able to draw from a very young age maybe 4 or five years old; I guess some people would say I am gifted. Apart from the usual lessons at school I would say I am self taught or just a natural artist.

I am originally from the north east of Thailand, but now I live permanently in the United Kingdom. Growing up in a small village miles from anywhere was hard as we were very poor but I always had some kind of drawing material to keep myself occupied.

At the age of 13 one day at school the teacher asked all the class to take a piece of paper home and draw anything we wanted for homework, I spent about 4 hours drawing a jungle scene. The next day the teacher stood me in front of all the class to say he thought I had cheated and got an adult to do my homework for me because he thought the drawing was too real, embarrassed and holding back the tears I decided to prove him wrong and asked for another piece of paper then to his amazement and that of the rest of the class I began to draw the exact same picture again to perfection in half the time it took me originally. The teacher was amazed and often asked me for advice on certain drawing techniques up to me leaving school at the age of 18.

I can guarantee you I put 100% effort into every portrait I draw; no portrait will leave my studio until I am totally happy it is perfect. If there is anything I can do to improve a portrait I will do it.