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S Healy

Beautiful, original contemoroary abstract art, portraits, quilling, illustration and sculpture direct from the artist Sarah Maie Healy.

Sarah's work entered the main stream in late 2006 when the Royal Yacht Hotel commissioned her for several pieces for their grand opening in Jersey. She has exhibited a number of times in the UK since that date with her label SARAH MAIE ART and has worked with Interior Design companies in Surrey and Berkshire. Today her artworks remain immensely popular in restaurants, hotels and private residences around the globe.

Sarah now paints to commission, which she finds immensely satisfying. Her work is collected by national and international clients. Born in London 1975, educated in London Schools of Art & Design and now living in Berkshire, at a young age she mastered life drawing and figurative illustration. Although painting was always her first passion, Sarah worked for many years with sculpture. In her twenties and after her education she chose a career path to develop her commercial awareness within the corporate industry where she worked for almost six years designing and developing packaging, corporate identity and design projects. Now Sarah works from her home studio and has returned to her first love of painting and drawing.

Sarah's work is diverse and contemporary in style, using a range of mixed media to achieve rich textures and vibrant colours. Sarah's paintings explore the relationships between texture and light, are created with and empowered by emotion, they experiment with colour and depth and reach far beyond the visually apparent form to stimulate the viewer's senses. The level of satisfaction she reaches from creating works of art which are sought and displayed by a wide range of collectors is immense. The very fact that she is colouring a small corner of the world with her paintings is truly a precious part of her life.

"I am inspired by the works of Alberto Giacometti, Turner and influenced by Japanese manga. My new resin series is entitled 'Matter'. These works express the human appetite for destruction and our failure to respect the natural wonder and beauty of the world. It is this very essence which we fail to see whilst striving to find more, to find better, to find what matters. We want to breathe it all in and yet we are suffocating ourselves. We fail to realise how insignificant and fragile our existence is in the universe, how much truly hangs in the balance, how visionary we are and yet how blind we have become."