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Giuseppe Sebastiano Devoti

Born in Turin, he moved to Abruzzo in 2004. Where he lives and works at Canzano, place near Teramo.
Diploma of Artistic Maturity achieved in the Albertina academy of Turin, PHD in Architecture achieved in the Polytechnic of the same city.
Hi defines himself an experimenter artistic for his continuous necessity to seek expressive ways that stimulate the feelings of whom observes the pictorial work.
The first artistic experiences of painting go back in the 1950's with productions that introduced atmospheres of languid romanticism, from which modern lines emerged in already the use of a chromatic palette to tend to the blue-violet colours. In the years of high school this palette strengthens him in works tending to the abstract, even though with some figurative memories. In 2006 with the Canadian painter Sergio Di Mattia, founded The PURE PAINTING artistic movement that pursues the pure interpretation of the reality. Where for purity he intends one free, fantastic and anarchist expressiveness out of every stylistic rationalism. This tendency emerges in disruptive way in its last works and in the studies.
He has participated in a lot of Shows in some of which he has brought prizes and quotations.
58 - gold medal first Resigns Young Artists patronage R.I.V. Villar Perosa (TO);
59 - silver medal second Review Young Artists patronage R.I.V.
Villar Perosa (TO);
60 - City of Mondovž (CN) Competed of painting fourth classified;
61 - City of Chieri (TO) Extemporaneous of painting Bronze Medal;
63 - quotation Resigns Piedmontís Artists Councillor of the Culture City of Turin;
65 - quotation Resigns Piedmontís Artists Councillor of the Culture City of Turin;
69 - painting in plaza - City of Moncalieri (TO) - quotation of the jury;
73 - review of art extemporaneous Racecourse of Vinovo Patrocinio Chamber of
commerce in Turin, silver Medal Chamber of commerce;
74 - review of graphics and sketch City of Alassio (SV) - quoted on the magazine of art the "il Subbio" of ROME;
91 - III Biennale of Collective Extemporaneous art "Maria Bruno" Bricherasio (TO) - quotation.
06 - artistic exhibition in "Ripattoni in Art" Ripattoni (You).
Interesting expressionistic works are represented in the series of the crazy horses. In these besides strongly reading him the spontaneity of the geometric signs from the dark contrast colours, the utopian dream can be glimpse contained in the thought of a free and energetic world, symbolized by the ideal dynamism by the horse that it represents the interiority primitive of the concept natural construction and instinctual, opposite to the human existential attitude that results unfair and oppressive because of the culture of the hoarding that pervades the whole society.
Also the centaur is a representative mythical figure of its ontological thought. The being hybrid place between the liberty of the thought and the slavery of the violence, in the way of living "Civil". In these works he reads the restlessness of the mind that denies the forced affiliation to an idea and to his maintenance, and the anguish been born by his pessimistic vision not to be able to modify the contingent existential situation. In the sought after forms at times almost handwriting the tendency to the search of a new freshness in to practise the art, as repressed need emerges of however to look for in the art that peace that the world with its attitudes it is not able to give him.
The art of Devoti must be interpreted between psychoanalysis and rationality, the imagination in this artist is always bridled by the censorship that the "Super Io" works on its sphere instinctual where rationality has always the best.
Rationality is also technical ability to make to emerge the pleasure to aesthetically observe a valid work, also not neglecting the spontaneity of the gesture that is born instead from the irrational baggage of the collective subconscious that always owes re-interpreting the archetypes in it contents.
Devoti production, also when it imitates the nature, it realizes the Platonic concept that the painting, produces copies of copies, in how much the artistic representation of the visible reality expresses the vision of the idea of an idea. In our case in fact the represented things, ideas of the reality, become ideal copies of the same one produced in unique and original way. "Modus operandi" really of the modern "cosalismo artistic movement"
The ability of its art to internalize before representing the essential structures of the real world has with if the power to produce it "catharsis" operated by the peculiar ontological dignity of the artistic creation.
This art is identified therefore as autonomous street of access to the idea conceived as the visible and perfect form of the subjectivity of the things, that really the artist can gather and to represent with the strength of his ideal imagination. For information on the artist visit Wikipedia and use the key word (cerca) "PURAISMO"