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Tadeusz Machowski

Tadeusz Machowski was born in 1955 in Lancut, Poland.

Since his early childhood he loved visual art and later it became his all-consuming passion.

He has been developing his exceptional talent throughout several years by creating realistic landscapes. Then, inspired by an early twentieth century art, Tadeusz started looking for some other ways of depicting reality and expressing his deep emotions. In 1990’s, drawing his inspiration from artists who had been creating between 1940 and 1960, he started to work on his own abstract style. Instead of simply replicating the style his works seem to be blending his own approaches with commonly known techniques.

Today we can be really impressed when looking at his current art. Although he is still searching and trying to use new different techniques and themes and his works of art are characterized by diversity of forms he still seems to be strongly devoted to landscape painting. However, his perception of reality has changed, we can say, that his works, evolved into more advanced forms. It makes his paintings difficult to classify.

Incredible colors and diversity of compositions have delighted many critics and collectors, who posses about thirty of Tadeusz’s paintings mostly in The USA and The EU. Today he belongs to international group of artists “Pogranicze”.

Apart from paintings an important part of his work is graphic.