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Annabel de Vetten

Annabel de Vetten is a leading figurative artist, specialising in bringing iconic figures from the world of music, sport and cinema to life in her distinctive retro style.

Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, Annabel came to Birmingham, England when she was just 17, in order to pursue her passion for art. After graduating from Wolverhampton University with a BA Hons in Fine Art/Sculpture, Annabel put her 3D work to one side to progress her figurative painting.

Inspired by the likes of Andy Warhol and Victor Vasarely together with the retro influences of designers such as Verner Panton, the artist began to develop her figurative style, focussing on the female form. She worked to produce images of unknown women that were so sultry and alluring that they looked like stars in their own right. Annabel also began incorporating her other passion into her paintings- iconic movies.

Throughout her career she has remained fascinated with the concept of capturing a moment. Rather than merely depicting an actor, Annabel has worked to develop a style that would act as a freeze-frame, allowing the viewer to re-live the scene.

The juxtaposition of bold colours and stark backgrounds against the soft forms of the subject provide great contrast in the works. Details are stripped away and features are created using a series of graduating contours, allowing the viewer to explore each piece like a landscape.

More recently, Annabel has diversified to incorporate both music and sporting icons into her work. She also takes regular commissions for personal portraits. Working from life or provided photographs, Annabel is able to recreate her subject in her trademark minimalist retro style.

Annabel’s most recent collection has been inspired by her recent joining of a magic society. Constantly working with playing cards, whilst mastering the magic tricks and techniques, Annabel became fascinated with the concept of creating her own cards, and as such has recently begun working on some new collections featuring ‘beautiful strangers’ in the roles of the Kings and Queens.

Over the past decade, Annabel has exhibited widely throughout the UK, namely Birmingham and London, and has received substantial media coverage. Her work has been featured in a number of national publications including The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Mirror, Heat Magazine, Location Location Magazine, Elle Decoration, and Marie Claire.

Please feel free to contact Annabel through Londonart with any questions or commission requests. Where a piece of work has sold that you would have liked to have bought, please do contact the artist as a similar piece can be commissioned.