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Sheila Macauley

Art today takes many forms but mass produced items seem to be the norm for the majority. I however bring about a whole ne concept in the world of art using the modern technology of a computer. Whilst combining machine with design the idea of art never leaves my imagination. I find that I can easily explore the balance of aesthetic, conceptual and technical possibilities in a new media which a computer brings.
Composition is important to me; if it doesn't feel right then I cannot continue. The energy I place into each piece of work has to balance with my creativity to give an all over pleasing creation. I particularly enjoy shapes and their relationship to various forms and by pushing and pulling colours into these shapes I can transform them into harmonious and fluid forms. Through my earlier work with costume and theatre design I feel this has given me the idea of movement and colour on which I am able to draw and the experience I have gained in those fields I can now relate the flexibility and control needed and which is vital in design work.