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Susey Phoenixx (MA)


Susey is a fully qualified Fashion Designer and runs her own business Phoenixx Designs UK. Susey uses her textiles skills to create Signed Limited Edition Prints. These are printed onto canvas ready to be stretched onto a frame once delivered to her clients.

Susey passed her Post Graduate MA course in Collaborative Practices in the Creative Industries. This course was situated within the reading of the new cultural economny and the professional working practices of creative practitioners. It was designed to enable creative practitioners to research and develop a practice that is innovative, flexible and tailored to the specific professional and business development of contemporary society.

Susey is an Artist with a wide repertoire of graphic skills in the abstract/surrealistic style. Skills spanning; graphic design; website design, fashion, textiles, fine art, photography, building databases as well as using the computer as a digital laboratory. An extensive library of images is available, commissions have been undertaken to customer’s exact print/web-ready specification, including colour-scheme matching if required.

Susey studied Design in Nottingham on a two year foundation course and then on to Derby University to study Fashion Design, relevant skills were developed to enable her to produce images, movies and workshops which allow people to interact with all forms of her art. The end result is a considered and well thought out process of elimination to produce each image, movie or workshop. The unique culmination of several different techniques and formulae produce an image, movie or workshop that is genuinely original, individual and unique.

Webism Projects Undertaken:-
"Screensaver Project"
"Electronic Energy"
"Artist of the month"
"Drinking water 'The Life"
"Money 'Is money the Life"
"Contest:"Mayan Treasures"
"Slideshow Event"
"3D demo"
"Webists Colours"
"Cyber Dome Cologne Project"
"Webism Puzzle Artwork"
"Saturn Rings exhibition 2004"
"Venus Transit 2004"
"Pop Art Project"
"art.fair 04" project"

Terrestrial Exhibitions
 Nottingham - Fashion Show, Malt Cross PH - May 2006
 Nottingham – Creative Collaborations “Beamer” Project – Movie of images projected onto an external wall, for promotion of Creative Collaborations – 12th May 2004
 Nottingham – “Enjoy the Ride” Projected movie of images in Café/Bar – 1st May 2004
 Milton Keynes ”Projected Movie of Images for Stantonbury Gallery”
28th February – 14th March February 2004
 Harding House Gallery, Lincoln – Christmas Fayre 2003 December 2003
 Art for Life Gallery Open Day – 21st November 2003
 Milton Keynes -“Projected Movie of Images from Milton Keynes Digital Artists Show”
20th November 2003 - 4th December 2003
 Stantonbury Gallery, Milton Keynes -“Milton Keynes Digital Artists Show”
29th September 2003 – 11th October 2003
 South Hill Park, Bracknell – “Projected Movie of Images”13th October 2003 – 26th October 2003
 Broadway Cinema -“Projected Movie of Images”July 2003
 Nottingham Castle Museum -“Annual Open Art Exhibition 2002”10th November 2002 – 28th November 2002
 Turtle Arts Basement Gallery - “Imperfect Furture”2nd March 2002 – 9th April 2002
 Alley Cafe Bar - “The Fractal Project 2002”3rd January 2002 – 15th February 2002
 Nottingham Castle Museum - “Annual Open Art Exhibition 2001”10th November 2001 – 28th November 2001
 Turtle Arts Basement Gallery - “Fascination”10th September 2001 – 28th September 2001

 Private Collector - May 2003 - June 2006
 Corporat Collector - September 2004 - April 2006
 Series of 4 images for Private Collector – April 2004
 7 Private Collectors – Broadway Arts Market September 2003
 Nottinghamshire County Council - Brochure/Posters Circulation: 90,000 - 2003;
 Nottinghamshire County Council - Mural - Internal Murals for Schools -2003;
 Nottingham City Council - Creation of Websites for Schools - 2002;
 Health Spa Club - Limited Edition Prints - Large format Images-2001;
 Artists - Website Creation of Websites for Artists