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Karolee Bulak

I received my BA Honors Degree in Mixed Media Art from the University of Westminster, but I have had a love affair with art all of my life. Painting is my therapy.  I become lost in a world of color, where the outside world ceases to exist and my mind clears with each and every brushstroke.  Color has always been a passion of mine and I am fascinated by how color affects us emotionally.  Research has proven that color can calm us down, wind us up, or bring us a sense of peace.  Most of my artwork begins with a sense of needing to work with a specific color.

I often combine art and psychology, guiding people through their own creative process. For me, art is a spiritual and emotional journey of the soul.  Although my artwork may look simple on the surface, it's underlying message says volumes as to what I am thinking, feeling or experiencing, at any given time in my life.  I believe in the power of the unsaid word, and through art and art therapy, you are invited to look deeper at both the artist, as well as the artist within.

My artwork is a combination of whimsical and abstract in nature.  I find my inspiration in people and nature, using colors and shapes found in organic form.  People have always inspired me.  I love creating whimsical characters for cartoons and for my books, The Dirty Cloud Maker, Happiness Cake.

I have also worked as a community artist creating the “Healing Labyrinth” in the Stevens Point Sculpture Park.

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