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Phillip Steyn

Phillip Steyn was born in 1975 in South Africa. Growing up in Mafikeng where his father worked in the legal office of the then president of Bophuthatstwana, Phillip was exposed at an early age to the culture of the indigenous Tswana people. In time his interest in African heritage, and his self taught skills merge to give us a truly unique look at portrait art.

With over a thousand portraits under his belt,Phillip Steyn provides a comprehensive look at tribal portraits, ethnic groups and African animals from across Africa.

These canvasses are lovingly hand made and skillfully painted by Steyn, an accomplished artist with a passion for African culture and a great love for the big cats. These skills and self-taught technique gained by many hours of brush-mileage are what Steyn's works are about.

Cultural subject, bold use of colour and highly textured technique combined with the cultural diversity of a rainbow nation provide a tapestry that truly is proudly South African.

Two years formal education at Parktown Art Collage. Five Years practical experience in commercial art and sculpture. Two years experience at interior decorators / picture framers, Art Space, as in-house artist. Phillip has been exclusively painting on canvas since 2001. Most recently Phillip has been working on a collection of Railway related art. More to come.