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catherine Hubert

"Art is the expression of our spirit in conversation with each other and the world"
Vanessa Dell.

This friend of mine and a wonderful artist has expressed with her beautiful words, the essence of what I feel about creating Art.

Painting is at the center of my life, I paint to express the vibrant emotions I feel when I look. I paint because I love the song of nature.I paint to show the Beauty of the world, to encourage us all to look after it.I paint because I strongly believe that Art can help to heal the world.

Brought up in Brittany by the Atlantic ocean, my space was the beach at low tide . I then lived for 25 years in the South of France on the mediterranean coast, where the Spanish side of my family had settled, before I was born.I lived amongst the olive trees and the smell of the heat at night.

My work is strongly influenced by these contrasting cultures and landscapes,the reds of Spain, the greens of Scotland, where I lived for three years,the moving beauty of the sea in Brittany, the colors of the south of France.

I have studied and learnt drawing and painting with Elizabeth Raymond, First Prize Beaux Arts de Paris, who runs an Art School in the south of France.

After I left the school, I have mostly experimented the textures and colors on my own , and with other artists.

I have decided to start selling my work in 2006,when a gallery dealer from London, coming with friends to my house in Provence, encouraged me to do so.

My aim is now to be able to paint as much as I can , experiment materials and textures wherever I find myself in the world and celebrate the spiritual beauty of nature.
I am also in the process of creating a Network of artists who engage with the natural world to create more Beauty and raise awareness for our natural resources.

Furthermore,I am participating in creating a cooperative based Art Gallery in East Sussex, where I now live.