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AJ Dunn

Art is another country ; they do things differently there. Consequently , I never aim to create an axact representation of the subject , but to capture something of the essence , the emotion , something raw and timeless that exists in them and in me and that irrevocably binds us . I paint what inspires me - if art is truth and beauty , one must always strive to convey something new and unknown that stimulates the eye and the heart .
My " 27 " collection portray the members of the so-called " 27 club " , all talented musicians who succumbed to an early death and yet who all left so much behind to inspire future generations. I painted also a number of works fired by the mysyical , mystifying , cruel yet achingly beautiful country of Russia. I have drawn on different elements of a culture I find endlessly fascinating to produce images that reflect this .
All my work is intended to provoke thought , emotion and conversation , the three elements that , combined , can only lead to enlightenment on this , our infinite and miraculous journey.