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Ilya Bobrov

Ilya A. Bobrov was born in Tver, Russia, graduated from Venetsianov Art School with a degreee in graphic design. The third-generation artist, for many years he has passion for graphic design, airbrushing, gilding and pinstriping. He is following the old American school of painting, and also practicing swirl pinstriping based on Irish ornaments and 3D effect pinstriping.

Ilya works with a variety of materials and using different techniques for painting backgrounds. He uses the finest quality paints and brushes.

His paintings have a certain 'je ne sais quoi', some will recognise a deep thought, some will simply see a great decor technique. All his paintings are truly unique. These paintings carry the potent energies within them. In his works you will find something that lie hidden deep in your soul, something you can only tell to your closest friend.