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Jacqui Doran

Jacqui Doran was born in England and studied fine Art at Sunderland University on the North Coast. In 1993 she immigrated to Australia and found her home in Byron Bay.

Jacqui's has been working in the field of painting & sculpture having been involved in many solo exhibitions & group shows - her work is very distinctive and pays emphasis to the worlds of childhood, adolescence and the animal kingdom - beautifying and objectifying. Thereby her work is divided into two categories, culminating between beauty and frailty - driven by the realms of popular & youth culture.
Her profound animal portraiture - reflects on an animals ability to live in a parallel world to us, feeling depths of emotional vulnerability, sadness, happiness, contentment and madness. Her portraits are emotive and engage with our unconscious.

In 2013 Jacqui has a solo show in May on the Gold Coast of Australia and is involved in many group shows - with one based at the Sofitel Hotel. Hew work is collected worldwide.