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In the years 2000 a new Hkosmohnian artistic Movement was rising in Tuscany, Italy.
It was founded by Meg De Simone in consideration of the telematic concept and based on: BEAUTY, HARMONY and SYNTHESIS.
These artistic creations do express velocity through : SYMBOLISM, ALLEGORIES and COLOURS.
These works are able to provoke in the observer the will of an interpretation and
brings questions that sharpen the interest in it.
In Hkosmoh's artistic Movement the 'name' of the work is essential and become the
syntetic casket of the history been represented on the canvas.
One of the most important peculiarity of Hkosmohnians is the exclusive use of acrylic colours on the canvas. This paint dries immediatly and leaves all the imperfections under the eyes. This in everyday life represents our capability in taking desitions having the responsability of all our weak areas. The Hkosmohnian world is represented on canvas by the new translations of ancient knowledge based on personal reading codex and on freedom of interpretation.These 'Translations'take life from the consideration of fascinating aspects like : mythology, scientific investigations,mathematic,geometry,mysteries...and everything is in relation with human-being his evolution and his relations with new dimentions.The technique of Hkosmoh brings always an embossing of the 'nervous system',indispensable for the circulation of the energy.
On the artistic side of the question these works become important because they are
the fruits of present time and bringer of the changes which will take everyone
at a greater presence in everyday life where freedom,dynamism and the development
of personal talents will establish the bases for a better worl.