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Robert Saunders

These are soul consciousness artworks aiding contemplation of life while also being pure abstract art.
My work explores human consciousness in a state beyond thought where a feeling of immersion in the great dynamic harmony of life is felt. My subject matter is awareness of this state and my style comes from my method of limiting myself to use only loosely controlled simple brush movements and only intuitively decided placements and choices of painted colours and forms; in this way I can paint while experiencing the spiritual reality that we exist in and simultaneously translate this awareness into art - without using any techniques that require focused mental effort that would thereby break the connection. When viewed with quiet receptivity these paintings can provide direct access to an enriching feeling of life beyond the constraints of our thoughts and emotions.
I use exclusively Golden brand artists products on aluminium faced 3mm deep polyethylene Dibond panels. They will need to be framed (or attached to a secondary support) before being hung on a wall. I use five coats of acrylic gesso as a base for the acrylic paint layers, and the finished paintings have been sealed with a clear acrylic isolation coat and further protected with a gloss MSA varnish. The reverse sides are signed, titled and dated. A COA that includes details of the products used for conservation purposes will be provided.