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Claire Dowson

Suffolk born, Camberwell trained, I look for pattern in Nature and invention. Teaching for many years, my work is versatile in subject and medium. Having been known for my sea and sky paintings in oils, I now experiment with mixed media and collage in an attempt to add new dimensions in terms of colour, texture and fantasy to the patterns I find in Nature and in my immediate surroundings.

Early this summer, the rains came, in bucket-loads and the little lane behind my house abounded with weeds of every variety you could think of! Strangely inspired by the occasional flashes of sunlight on this lush vegetation, I took lots of photos (the rain prevented me from actually sitting there, drawing)I made close-ups of these images and, drawing with a brush and acrylic paint, straight on to the canvas (having first "framed" it with net-curtain fabric)I began to examine the patterns of nature I could see with special regard for the "negative" shapes. Then, as soon as the image was readable, I began with my lovely oils to explore in more depth colours and shapes, sometimes mixing, sometimes glazing. Then I began to imagine fanciful creatures emerging from the "negative" shapes of this lush vegetation and my passion for the decorative and the flat two-dimensional surface of the picture, brought me to my invention of "flutterbyes" I could obviously have researched actual, real butterflies and copied them into my pieces but I would have become perhaps a nature illustrator and not the creative artist that I am! Also I would not have had so much FUN!