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Bill Knowles

The Artist Bill Knowles. Bill has been painting seriously for the last 12 years, though very much on a part time basis, a mere two months during each winter. There are very good reasons for this restricted period of activity, because Bill is the Head Professional at Hannover Golf Club in Northern Germany, and the winter is when he has the time to devote to his passion for painting. During the rest of the year, he is fully occupied teaching his pupils, in his words, nine hours a day for six days every week, a talented teacher to compare most favourably with the talented artist. When asked about his thoughts relating to his painting, his response said much about his passion for both activities. He said “A good swing is as beautiful to watch and enjoy as a master painting. A good painting requires the same qualities that would produce a successful golf swing, trusting your instincts will lead into flow and continuity. Focus and concentration will remove the fear of failure, and an economical use of brushstroke will avoid unnecessary and excessive activity creating a wonderful freshness. Similarly a golf swing will suffer from too much thinking and over application, becoming pedestrian and lumpy”. Bill was very descriptive of his art involvement, saying that when he paints, he finds himself balancing rhythm, calmness and calculated thought with dynamic intuition and energy. As an experienced teaching professional he calls upon his extensive knowledge of the golf swing, to the extent that his hand almost works of it’s own volition. His style is a combination of realism, manipulated to display interest and aesthetic beauty. He is not a fan of what he calls carbon copy pictures, which although clever he believes have a lack of emotion and energy. With lots of images and ideas to put onto canvas, Bill is hoping to create more time for his alternate career in the future. This talented artist is willing to attend functions and to take commissions to produce paintings of the style you can see with this painting. His superb conceptual portrayals, in charcoal with watercolours or acrylic materials that support the minimalistic presentations, full of character, and that fully convey the energy of the subject.