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Tim Gilpin

"I'm not sure what it is that draws me to a certain place and makes me want to capture it or interpret it in my own way. Sometimes itís the lines running through the land, forged by nature or pressed into existence by the human foot, which when painted dissect a scene and guide the eye across the canvas. Sometimes it's the colour and texture of heathland, bogland, or the endless shifting skies above water."

London-based artist Tim Gilpin previously drew inspiration from the parks and open spaces in and around his adopted city, and the barren uplands and coastal regions of his native Northern Ireland. Recently, his work has veered off on a more internal, colour-blocked tangent, giving rise to a series of 'room' paintings that explore a liminal space in which characters, dormant and constrained within the confines of sketchbooks, have finally risen off the page and into a strange interior world where things ain't just quite as they seem.

Tim has exhibited in galleries in both London and Northern Ireland since 2000, as well as online.