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Andrew Medlock

Andrew David Medlock Date of Birth: 6th September 1964

Artist and designer Andrew Medlock. The works are the culmination of thoughts, ideas, and emotions which combines painting poetry, commercial graphics. The body of work itself, as all been produced since the 1990ís. The catalyst for the work is the human spirit. Drawings, paintings & illustrations capturing moments in time. Figurative work, pencil drawings and watercolour gives an insight into the creative process. A book of poems and verse reflect these thoughts whilst the artist was contemplating and creating the body of work.

My passion for art started from a very early age. When I started to make things I believe I began my life as an artist. Working
independently from my studio at home in West Yorkshire I work in the pursuit of many ideals and concerns, creating paintings drawn from life and my imagination. Even in a world of dreams we seek to find answers to questions. I often dreams about people, nature depicting subject matters such as religion, evolution, racism intolerance, subjects that matter to me. The femme fetale is constantly present in my work. I feel Myself engaged with nature and beauty and through my dreams and inspirations I hope to produce work that captivates. My portraits and figure-work continue to evolve, and I am constantly finding new inspirations. Feelings and emotions can change the soul of the whole piece so I write poems to Capture this.

I have worked in commercial graphics for 27 years and during that time have also worked as a artist. Much of my early work I have sold privately. But I hold on to many with the intention of future exhibitions of a body of work.