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Rachel Glittenberg

Rachel's art work is inspired by people and nature as her fascination with the human condition continues to grow. She paints with her feelings and energy flow and likes to delve beneath her subjects to find their spirit and soul.

 Through her art, she aims to challenge her reality, or what she sees as reality, and go beyond the realms of what lies on the surface, to find a deeper meaning to life.

She is trying to work out if art drives her life or if life drives her art. It may be that itís a case of one feeds the other. One thing is for sure,
she believes forging connections with others and nature is imperative to the flourishing of her art, for it is reflecting on these ideals, that she continues to capture moments in her life, to create images of depth and beauty.

For Rachel, the act of painting itself brings back memories of what it was like to be a child, when she was free to play with life, to play with the experiences life brings, and connecting with this sense of freedom is also at the core of her work.

Previous Exhibitions
University of East London, London
The Roundhouse Gallery, London
The Treehouse, London
The Medicine Garden, Surrey
The Ice House Gallery, London
NW10 Open Studios, London
ArtNW10 Art Trail, London

2012 Exhibitions
Dulwich Arts Festival, London
Dulwich Park, London
Doopodoopo Boutique, London
Grossmith Gallery, Kent
Open Studio, London
Lambeth Open, London