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Greg Howard

Born in 1974 and raised in the Scottish Borders Greg Howard has been painting and illustrating in watercolour for over fifteen years. As an artist Greg has been fortunate as he was not only raised in one of the most picturesque areas of the U.K but also lived in the Cumbrian Lake District a source of inspiration for countless artists on and of for several years. The past few years have been spent in Chesterfield just on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District and he has recently moved back to the Lake District. Due to this, inspiration for his atmospheric,richly coloured watercolours has never been hard to find and landscape paintings were an obvious choice of subject for Greg.

Greg Howard has described his painting as "a never-ending quest to depict the ever-changing moods and nuances of nature and his personal endeavor to help people appreciate the natural beauty of the country they live in".

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Should you have any particular enquiries about any of the work in the online galleries or wish to contact Greg to commission an original watercolour painting of your own please please feel free to contact him.

A Note From The Artist: My paintings are the result of many years studying the beautiful scenery that we are lucky enough to have in abundance in the U.K. I have found watercolour and more recently also soft pastels to be the perfect mediums to capture the mood and atmosphere of the places that I have been privileged enough to live in and visit.

Although there is a fair amount of detail in some of my work I feel that allowing the viewer to fill in some of the blanks themselves allows for a much more creative approach to be employed in the actual act of painting and admittedly I do sometimes use some fairly unorthodox techniques to get that elusive texture that will bring a painting to life and give it that extra something. However I would hasten to add at this point that I think an artist should concentrate on giving a painting a soul of its own that will instil a feeling or invoke a reaction in the viewer rather than providing a master-class on technique. The techniques I use are in my case most definitely a means to an end.

I have often been asked what I strive for when I am painting and what I think it is that makes a successful landscape painting? There are of course numerous answers that could be given to this question but personally I think that it is only when I can get you the viewer to start subconsciously inventing the landscape beyond the area that I have painted or to start asking yourself questions about the characters portrayed in a scene that I can say the painting has been a success.