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Tabitha Miles

After completing an Art Foundation course and all set to do a degree in Fine Art, I had a complete change of plan after being 'discovered' as a model in Camden High Street! I went on to have a long and successful career as a photographic model which I have now done for many years. Although I did not carry on with the drawing and painting, I have aquired a big interest in photography and have learnt a lot through my modelling. I started selling some of my art / photography a couple of years ago and decided that it was the natural thing for me to go on to do. My subjects are as diverse as I am myself! and range from nature to city scape and abstract, I even use pictures of myself some times. I use several different kinds of canvas, usually quite chunky and robust looking, which are then adorned with many Swarovski crystals, some have as many as 2000 crystals on a picture which really brings it to life in the right lighting.
I do not see myself so much as an artist but more as a designer. I am very interested in interior design and see my work more as a cross between art and interior design.
I have an abundance of ideas and am inspired by everything from flowers to dirty old buildings! My real passion though is animals, especially cats and would really like to specialise in doing pet portraits with a difference! I am happy to be commisioned to do bespoke work in most subjects.
I am also working on a range of greetings cards.