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Catalina Puschiaza


I paint since I was born...
Mom and Dad met at the art school...and they made myself!
They gave me the colours and brushes as toys...
This was the start...after that all come naturaly and I never stopped.

First I was in 1994 at ''N. Tonitza'' Fine Arts High School in Bucharest. Ministry of Education and Science Certificate : Graphic Designer
Is considered comparable to N/SVQ level 3 standard.
And I received a Bacclaureate Diploma in Fine, Decorative and Ambient Arts Profile.
at ''N. Tonitza'' Fine Arts High School from Bucharest. Ministry of Education and Science Is considered comparable to averall GCE Advance level / Scottish Advanced Higher standard.

After that I decided to combine the philosophy, theology and art and I went to University of Bucharest to acquire the byzantine religious painting technique.
2001 - Barcelor Degree in Theology Ecclesiastic Painting.
Is considered comparable to British Bachelor (Honours) degree standard.

When the university was finished, I worked as art teacher, graphic designer, cartoon animator and painter.
I designed a lot of advertisings, websites and I painted hundreds of icons and non religious paintings .
Over 30 group painting exhibitions in Romania and Europe.
Some personal exhibitions in romanian museums and cultural sites.

I hope you'll like my work and take it home.