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Dani Humberstone

1965 - Born in London
1976 - Attended Michael Hall School - a Rudolph Steiner School in Forest Row, East Sussex
1982 - Trained as a Fashion designer in Brighton
1983 - Developed a fashion business, awarded a Princes Youth Business Trust Award.
1987 - Free-lanced as a graphic designer and book illustrator for UK & overseas clients.
1990 - Owned, developed and created the artwork for art-house greetings card company ‘Cards That Won’t Cost The Earth.’ UK Customers included Boots the chemist, Athena, Paperchase, Fortnum & Mason and Books Etc.
2000 - Worked as a freelance gallery manager and curator.
2001 - Present day: Professional Artist. Also own ‘The Art Shop’ in Wadhurst, East Sussex, where I have my studio.
I exhibit my work in Art fairs and Galleries and group exhibitions.
I have written two books for Search Press Ltd on basic Abstract painting and have published a third book of my own work called ‘Going Dutch’
I have been the Chairman of The September Art Exhibition since 2010.
I was made a full member of The Society of Women Artists in 2014

Artist Statement
My current work is allegorical... I am interested in the layers of memory - compound memory, both personal & collective. The tip of the iceberg that represents consciousness verses the vast expanse of the unconscious.
I try to find the extraordinary in the ordinary & see things from a different perspective.
I use the symbolism of ripe fruit to illustrate the narrative. Painting directly from life allows me to translate three dimensions into two and capture the essence or life force of the subject. Individual fruits damage easily; so as they slowly age I track their gradual decay in the painting as I work.
Fruit has been used metaphorically in art and language for centuries. It has helped Illustrate Fairy Tales, Mythology, The Bible and Shakespeare etc. An apple in Renaissance painting was symbolic of ‘a fallen woman’ and we still use fruit analogies to describe ourselves and how we live today.
In my own work I also use elements of abstraction, landscape or line drawing to hint at a deeper narrative within and opening the door to unseen possibilities beyond the immediate image.
I paint in oils, predominantly Old Holland Classic Oil colour - using transparent glazes over opaque colour which creates intense levels of luminosity and depth. Strong light and shade, chiaroscuro, give atmosphere and tone.
The viewer of an artwork is an essential participant in the process of making an art work, a vital piece of the jigsaw, giving it validity and consequence.

The londonartco Award SWA Mall Galleries London
Prices Youth Business Trust
Glaxo Smith Klein Art & Science for schools Grant
Medal winner in Open Exhibition, Essonne (nr Paris)
Blue Peter Badge