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Kris Mercer

Award winning artist who paints in two very different styles. One is traditional figurative with a contemporary twist. The other is bold abstracts.

The works represented here are abstract artworks.

Kris Says

"I like getting involved in the very essence of these paintings. Each colour and stroke is done in a considered thoughtful way and the paintings are built up of many layers of paint and colours.

The larger paintings have to be laid on the floor which means you have to walk around the painting making choices on where and how to lay the paint down. Some layers are worked wet paint into wet paint while other layers are allowed to dry fully before the next colour is added.

The final outcome can never be totally controlled which means each piece is totally unique.

Original art paying tribute to Jackson Pollock's action paintings with new materials. Paint and inks mixed with acrylic mediums and varnish is dripped, poured and thrown onto the canvas (or paper)."