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Alison King

For 12 years Alison travelled the world as a photographic model working for international magazines and fashion brands.
With no artistic background she was lucky enough to visit various galleries and art exhibitions around the world and became more and more fascinated in how artists see the world and interpret what they see in their own visual voice.

She bought a sketch book and some paints and had a go. This started an obsession in drawing and painting the world around her.
Now 30 years later she is still painting and drawing every day. She has an BA. in illustration and an MA. in children's book illustration and has made a living illustrating, painting and print making.
She has trained as an oil painter and works from her studio in North Norfolk.

She has exhibited in Australia, France and Italy as well as London and various galleries throughout Britain.

She also loves to teach art to beginners and more experienced artists.

She takes inspiration from the beautiful Norfolk countryside and her work is constantly developing exploring different genres and mediums. For this exhibition she has worked with traditional oil and canvas landscapes.