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Enrico Salvadori

Born in Ferrara, Italy in 1968. As an independent photographer his works have been published on the main Italian monthly and weekly magazines. For Nike he carried out some worlwide advertisting campaigns in Italy and in Brazil. For the European Union and humanitarian organizations he documented several social projects in Asia, Africa and Center America.

Humanitarian Agencies

In 2001 he documented for the Department of the Italian Civil Protection the health conditions among refugees of the conflict in Kosovo.
In 2002 for the European Commission Humanitarian Office he documented social projects related to health and education in Algeria, Cuba, Italy, India and Sri Lanka.
For the non governmental Italian organizations Cestas and Ruvuma he carried out social reportages in Etiopia and in Tanzania. The output of his works have been published on national newspapers, showed in national exhibitions and used as a tool for fundraising

Advertising Campaigns

In 2005 he was assigned by Nike USA to carry out a worldwide campaign with a reportage on sport in 5 cities across Brazil.
In 2006 he was assigned by Nike Italia to carry out portraits of soccer players of the serie A (main national league of the Italian Soccer Championship)
His reportages on sport carried out for Nike have also been showed in an exhibition in Berlin and in Milan
His photographic work for Nike has also been published in 3 books:

2006 Joga Bonito Volume 1, Nike Inc. United States
2006 Joga Bonito Volume 2, Nike Inc. Italy
2007 Brasil the rhythm and art of movement, Nike Inc. United States

His works are published on the main Italian monthly and weekly magazines. Some of his works have been published as well on magazines in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand and Greece. In the publishing field he works as a freelance as well as on assigments, this allow him to have a deep knowledge of what are the requirement of a magazine but also to understand how to build a photographic project and which are the steps and the tools to carry out it from the beginning (starting from the idea) to the realization and the final editing.