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Mark Burrell

Mark is a leading member of The North Sea Magical Realists. Marks Imagined stories exist throughout the work, but these stories do not need to be understood to be enjoyed, because they are full of feeling atmosphere and colour (a place of light and shadow, subtle and mysterious).

One is reminded of old stained glass windows as light seems to shine out of some of the paintings in the form of sunsets, full moons or some magical source. Some of the paintings depict parts of fairgrounds and circus folk, although imaginary, they do seem like real people, with real life concerns behind the masks and props of a circus life. There is no doubt that the work has a magical quality but there is also something of our own lives, struggles, and hopes in these paintings too.


Mustard Televison Artwork shown in documentary ' A Portrait of Evered Wigg' throughout the year
Anglia Television 'Coastal Inspiration's' Interviewed in his studio and Work Exhibited Series: Lowestoft
BBC2 Televison 'Matter of Fact' Cabbage Patch War. Paintings Exhibited (Nov 1996)
Anglia Television 'The Front Row' Paintings Exhibited (Nov 1995) Presented by Shaun Meo
Anglia Television 'Moving Art'Awarded First Prize. Presenter George Melly. Interviewed by - Sister Wendy Beckett. Prize awarded by Bill Oddie who also highly recommended his work (November 1991)
Anglia Television - Personal Interview and Paintings Exhibited (August 1991)

The Tripp Gallery, London - November - Artwork on show
Buckingham Gallery Southwold - Artwork on show
Resident Artist - Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield

Buckingham Gallery Southwold - Artwork on show
Mustard TV - Artwork shown in documentary ' A Portrait of Evered Wigg' throughout the year
Open Studios - Artist Studio open to public June 2016
Resident Artist - Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield

Open Studios - Artist Studio open to public June 2015
Craft Co Art gallery Southwold - Two Man Show - September 2015
Resident Artist - Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield

Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield - One-Man Show exhibiting in December 2014
Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield - Artist in situ and also showing as part of the SOS East Anglian Art Trail
The Coconut Loft Cafe and Art Gallery - Lowestoft Suffolk Marks work in opening Show
Suffolk Open Studios Mark opens his studio and home to the public
Great Yarmouth Library - Two Man Show

Assembly House Art Show 2013: Arts Alive Norwich, Norfolk

West halls Secret Postcard Auction Patron: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. Exhibitors include the Prime Minister David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Twiggy, Maggi Hambling, Bernard Hill, Tessa Newcomb

Assembly House Art Show 2011: Flying Colors Fascinating Forms
The Book ‘How Artists see Nature’ Printed by Green Pebble.
The Book ‘How Artists see People’ Printed by Green Pebble.

The Book ‘How Artists see Places’ Printed by Green Pebble.
Eastern Open Kings Lynn

Norwich Castle Museum – ‘Art Show’ A Portrait of 'Big Jon and The Bubblegum Gods' Royal Academy Judges

The Cut Halesworth – ‘Christmas Art Show’ Prize Winner of'The People's Choice'

Exhibited at 'The House of Commons, London
Anglia Television - Part of the series 'Coastal Inspirations' Filmed in Lowest Suffolk, Interviewed on Television and Work Exhibited

'The Iron Bridge' Book – ‘Drawings and Paintings’ by Mark Burrell, Written by John Ward

The Eastern Open Kings Lynn - Painting Highly Commended

BBC 2 Television Programme ‘Matter of Fact’ Cabbage Patch War Paintings Shown

Exhibited at Norwich Castle Museum - Norwich, Norfolk

Video of Artist's Work, Created by Mike Toll

A View of the New, Royal Over-Seas League London. Winner of 'The Lucy Morison Memorial Prize' Patron: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Anglia Television ‘Moving Art’ awarded First Prize chosen and 'Highly Recommended' by Bill Oddie. Presenter George Melly. Interviewed by, Sister Wendy Beckett.
The Eastern Open Kings Lynn - Painting Highly Commended

The Royal Academy, London
Cork Street Gallery, London
Galleriart – Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Williamsburg Historical Art Centre, New York, America
Interart Gallery New York City, USA
Galerie de Vis Noorderhaven, Holland
The Affordable Art Fair, London
The Discerning Eye – The Mall Galleries, London
Chappell Gallery, Essex - One Man Exhibition
British Artists – The Jarvis Centre, New York Art Expo 99, New York City, USA
The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester - Selectors: Griff Rhys Jones & Mark Wallinger
Le Chat Noir Gallery, Mayfair London
LOGOS Art Gallery, Bloomsbury, London
The Mall Galleries (Discerning Eye) London - Paintings Selected by Julian Spalding
ArtGallery & Museum Director Glasgow & Edward Lucie-Smith - Art Historian Writer & Critic

The Fruit Market Gallery - 7th National Award, Edinburgh & Sotheby's New Bond Street,
London - The Spectator
Contact Gallery, Three-Man Show (The Human Condition)
Contact Gallery, Two-Man Show
The Knapp Gallery, London