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Stephen Morris

Stephen is a self taught, professional artist, working entirely en plein air because he feels that it captures the immediacy and freshness of the landscape. He is strongly drawn to colour. Prefering the traditional use of watercolour to produce sweeping atmospheric skies and sea without using body colour, but mixes his media with the addition of pastels and sometimes pen. In the past, he experimented with a range of different media from oils to pastels, charcoal, on projects like murals and large works. When painting on the beach, he also uses sand, stone, shells, seaweed etc., incorporated in the paint.
Over the past few years he's been sketching in inks, painting in a looser, more impressionistic style. For these inks he doesn't sketch in pencil beforehand and two years ago decided not to use brushes for the majority of this work, painting with just ink droppers and a water spray. He mixes the pigments on the paper as well as the palette, but still working directly from life. Although very difficult to control these techniques produce a far more emotional painting.
Last year he started to paint some much larger works using this technique, these are some of the results.