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Mrs Wilkes

Mrs Wilkes is Full time fine artist born in 1979 ,she loves work with ink and acrylic .
Painted poetry stunning and unique style,this meaning paintings can be interpret in many ways. Her often romantic and timeless subjects capture unforgettable feelings. Love, life, family, relations between people are her favourite topics.
Additionally 31 of her original paintings are featured to World Record Art Challenge Exhibition was launched in September 2015.
-from Mrs Wilkes:
Dear buyer,
My work is not only peace of random art,you are buying years of my dreams about become the artist,years of practising and sleepless nights,emotions and joy.Some of my paintings began in my head some in my heart but they all like a good angel will bring peace and happiness to your home.
-Mrs Wilkes-

"I am painting from the Heart; Pleasure, Peace and Happiness is what I feel when I create"