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Ben Petzold

My Paintings are about creating a visual theatre through which to explore memory and anxiety within the context of an enclosed space. To do this I explore the expressive qualities of paint and the tension created through composition and the visual drama of an illusionary space within the picture.
This sense of confinement is further enhanced by the feeling of disquiet and unease that runs through these paintings suggesting that something has happened, or is about to happen, thus conveying the feeling that we are caught in a moment of drama and uncertainty for ever.
I also use the weight of the paint to create transparent layers, through which different surface textures and patterns can be seen suggesting an accumulated history of development. This layering effect conveys a sense of continual transformation suggesting the transience of life and the continual need for change and development.
For me these pictures are about I kind of visual theatre through which I convey a sense of time and place, and a continual sense of transformation and history within the confines of an interior urban environment.

1988-99 Canterbury College of Art and Design - BA(HONS) Fine Art Painting
1987-88 Camberwell School of Art - Foundation
2001 Bishopgate Framing Gallery
2000 Londonarts London
1998 Christie Wilder Interenational Show - Fort Lauderdale, USA
1996 Ronald Moore Gallery - Lincolnshire
1995 Slingby Place - London
1993 Space Studio - London
Batersea Arts Centre - London
1992 Fresh Art - London