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Né Barros

Né Barros , 1964 -Almada, Portugal

Artist's Statement ::
My art is about what is inside and vulnerable in me, searching for the ancient and oriental calligraphies. My interests are reflected in the act of painting. Movement and speed are important. Synthesis of automatism and improvising, tools to create something new, based in medium of light conception, is my aim.

My form is to see and to feel the art results of an interior space, that allows that all the colours, shapes, expressions and languages cohabit in balance.

The abstraction is the purest and spiritual art form, because it's about essence rather than appearance, and the priority of the abstract over other art styles is that it allows for more than just one interpretation, and the viewer is free to dream about it, without edges of the world we live and see. I'm an abstract painter working in acrylic and mixed media. After I am finished with a my work, I disappear and the paintings don't need my presence to explain it's composition and they talk alone with the viewer.

Education :
School of Art - National Society of " Belas Artes ", Lisbon, Portugal

Solo Exhibitions:

1998: Amora Art Library, Seixal, Portugal
1999: Real Musical, Lisbon, Portugal
2000: Cardaes Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2000: Vila D'Arte Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2001: "Ler Devagar" Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2001: Montijo Museum, Montijo, Portugal
2002: Belo Belo Gallery, Braga, Portugal
2003: Espaço D'art Gallery, S. Lourenço, Portugal
2003: Museu da Água-Mãe D’Água –Lisboa
2004: Espaço D’art Gallery– S. Lourenço, Portugal
2004: Convento de S. José – Lagoa
2005: Art’em Cadeia – Oliveira De Azeméis
2005: Espaço D’art Gallery– S. Lourenço, Portugal
2006: Cupertino de Miranda Foundation -Oporto -Portugal
2006: Avagalleria - Helsinki -Finland
2007: Galeria TRIBECA - Madrid - Spain
2008 : Galeria de Arte SINCTA – Lisboa
2012 : Convento de S. José – Lagoa

Group Exhibitions:

1998 : Almada Culture Office, Almada, Portugal
1999: Electrician Museum, Lisbon, Portugal
1999:Santiago Gallery, Palmela, Portugal
1999: A.M. Gallery, Corroios, Portugal
2000: Gallery Center, Lisbon, Portugal
2000: BeloBelo Gallery, Braga, Portugal
2000: Art Gallery D.G.S.A., Lisbon, Portugal
2001: Santiago Gallery, Palmela, Portugal
2001: National Society Centenary, Lisbon, Portugal
2001: Agora Gallery, New York, United States
2002: International Hall D'Arts, Barcelona, Spain
2002: Gallery Center, Lisbon, Portugal
2002: International Art, Lerida, Spain
2002: XVIII Prize Internacional, Lleida, Spain
2002: Art Hall of Belas Artes, Lisbon, Portugal
2003: Santiago Gallery, Palmela, Portugal
2003: Italy 2003, Livorno, Italy
2003: Galeria M.A.C. – Lisbon
2003: IMARGEM - Galeria Municipal de Arte – Almada
2004 : Gallery Center – Amoreiras -Lisbon
2004 : The Lennox Gallery -London
2004 :Gallery 47 –London
2004: Sociedade Nacional das Belas Artes
2005: Indeg/Gestarte -Lisbon
2007: Casa de GOA MUseum - LISBOA -Portugal

Art Afairs:

2002: Artexpo New York, United States
2002:MAC21, Marbella, Spain
2002: ArtePadova2002, Padova, Italy
2003: Artexpo New York, United States
2003: Certame de Pintura - Jaurena Art - Spain
2003: 12º hall Internacional D'arts Barcelona-Spain


Honour Mention International Hall Plastic Arts, Barcelona, Spain
Great Prize 2003 Italy, Vada, Livorno, Italy
Great Prize Terra D'Etruria 2003" - Grosseto -Italy
1º Prize "alTreball de Textura" - 12º International Hall Plastic Arts, Barcelona
Prize Alfonso Arana - ACEA´S Hall Barcelona 2003 - Associacion International de Plástica Latina - France
Gran Premio Toscana –Óscar Della Cultura – 2004 –Italy
Prémio Cosme’Tura 2004 – Diploma of Merit - Italy

Art organizations:

" Belas Artes " National Society, Lisbon, Portugal
ANAP, Porto, Portugal
ACEA'S, International Plastic Artists, Barcelona, spain
Imargem, Almada, Portugal
ARTES, Seixal, Portugal

Art Academies:

Academic Associated Degree - ART- Accademia Internazionale " Greci-Marino", Italy
Gentilizio Academic- Paint - Araldica Accademia Internazionale, " IL Marzocco ", Firenze, Italy


New Art International, Book Art Press, N.Y., United States
Imobiliária, Art. Magazine, Lisbon, Portugal
Art Book "Imargem", Almada, Portugal
Artist year Book 2003, Barcelona, Spain
Modern Art Diccionary, Italy 2003
International art Book 2003 - Lisboa
Modern Art Diccionary, Italy 2005


Artes, "movie documentary" , NETCABO


Private collections: Portugal, France, United States, Spain, United Kindgon

Public Collections: Montijo Museum; Seixal Hall; Arruda dos Vinhos Museum,Mãe D'água -Water Museum

All works are:
• Hand painted
• On quality hand stretched canvas on wood bars with wood wedges
• Central cross bars for big sizes
• Ready to hang with painted sides which gives an attractive clean edge suitable for exhibition requiring no frame
• Paintings are varnished
• Signed, titled and dated on reverse


If you couldn’t find the size you are looking for, you can simply order your preferred size .

Costing (including packing and delivery) and schedule for completion will be forwarded to you by me via Londonart. Unless the size or surface of the proposed work is too complicated to execute and deliver (in this case you will require to give a 50% deposit), .
For all requirements please email for a quote or contact Londonart.