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Helen Mould

I like vibrant colour and contrast. Sometimes these are painted deep and meaningful, sometimes light, frivolous, confident, sensuous, reactionary. I have sucessfully studied to Masters Degree level in modern philosophy and this, I feel, influences my painting. My fine art training was at DeMontfort university and part of my first degree. I now paint in a stream of consciousness fashion. I owned and ran a gallery for almost seven years and finished the gallery in March 05 to concentrate on painting. I am absorbed daily in painting, either creating, exhibiting or debating. My first solo exhibition was in 1996 and since that time my work has found more than 300 enthusiastic collectors. I create multi layered paintings in style and meaning that oscillation between the Abstract Expressionist concentration on the two dimentional surface and the Theosophist's need to find a soul and communicate something deep, mystical and meaningful through the painting. I find the experimentation, variety, spontaneity and flow onto the painted surface tremendously exciting. I have been painting more than 30 years. For a few years Rothko and abstract expressionism has been a strong, moody influence but now I see form returning to my painting and feel attracted to the flattened simple cyphers used by the the St. Ives school.

I was a Peterborough Open prize winner in 1999.
1995/6/7/8/9,2000/01/02/03 Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, Peterborough
1997/8/9/ 2001/01/02/03/04/05 Peterborough Art House Ltd, Peterborough
1999, Bare Arts Gallery, Uppingham
2000 Lincolnshire Gallery, Spalding, Lincs
2001 Hogs Head Gallery, Leicester
2001 Gildenburg Gallery, Peterborough
2001/2/3 Muncipal Gallery in Spalding
2003/04/05/06 Smokehouse Gallery, Eyemouth, Scotland
2004/05/06 The Bakehouse Gallery, Peterborough
2005/06 The Arthouse at Westbourne, Westbourne
2005/-6 Art Contact Gallery, Cambridge and London, SW6

Plus other galleries in the local area. I opened artists co-operative gallery in 1998. Became sole director of Peterborough Art House Ltd 1999. My paintings have sold quite extensively and are in collections in Japanese Embassy, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, England and Scotland. Many collectors owning two or more painting, six being the maximum with any one collector.