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Many of artists can be commissioned to produce a work of art. It could be a portrait, a commission of a work that you really like but it is no longer available, or a work that is available but you may prefer it in a different size or medium. Commissions are accepted by painters, sculptors photographers and others; there is a huge scope of possibilities, so do not hesitate to contact us and ask. We will try to accommodate any requests.

Example of a portrait commission
by Sally Trueman

Commission a portrait

Commission a portrait by one of our many talented Portrait Artists. View our extensive collection of portraiture, created by londonart's exceptional portrait artists working in a diversity of mediums and styles. Whether you intend to commission a portrait of yourself, a member of your family or a friend, or on behalf of an organisation, we will mediate with your selected artist and arrange all of the finer details.
Mural Commission - example
by Alan Mynall

Commission a mural

A Mural is work of art that is created on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. Offering an interesting design alternative to wallpaper and paint, a mural can give identity or theme to any room and can be created in various locations from, houses, offices, bars, restaurants to larger public spaces. Incorporated into the surrounding architecture Murals are influenced by their surroundings and are often commissioned for a specific site. Dating back to prehistoric times, from the caves paintings of southern France, to the murals of ancient Egypt and Crete, they are significant in that they bring art into the public sphere. With the recent advancement in technology the mural artist can now offer a greater range of flexibility of both design and medium. Please feel free to get in touch with and together we can help realize your idea.


Commission a sculpture

Throughout the course of history, the purpose of creating sculpture has been to produce works of art that are as permanent as is possible. Londonart has a range of sculptors available, working in a variety of styles and mediums including, bronze, resin, wood, plaster, stone, glass, and ceramic, who will help you create an enduring memorial, celebration or concept sculpture. Working closely with designers and architects we accept larger public art commissions, as well as working with small individual commissions. We offer a range of commissions from figurative busts, torso and body sculpture, to children, animal, architectural and landscape commissions. If you wish to enhance a landscape or pay homage to yourself, boss, friend, relative, or even your home or family pet, we can arrange a commission to suit you.
Stand Beneath The Wind
by Martin Devine

Commission a painting

Artists paint for many reasons. A need to express themselves and to create a vision of reality which helps them understand and appreciate their life is a huge driving force - as well as communicating this to an audience. Falling in love with an artist’s painting, owning it and displaying it your home is an equally inspiring experience. Commissioning a painting made especially for you takes this idea one step further and enables you to participate in the creative process as well as the final artistic vision. Whatever your inspiration one of our talented painters can help you visualize and celebrate your idea of beauty. If you have a specific landscape, building or concept, or if you already enjoy the work of one of our artists’ but would like to own it in a specific size, colour or medium we can arrange this for you.


Commission a photographer

Photography has become one of the most popular and widely used mediums in the visual arts. Its greatness lays in the fact that it can both capture reality and manipulate it. With the advancement of digital technology and computer editing suites, photographers now have a greater sense of freedom and choice. Londonart has a wide selection of photographers working with both traditional film and digital photography. They offer a range of styles from, fine art photography, portrait, advertisement and design, through to still life and photojournalism. Using black and white, colour and computer enhancement software, Londonart has a range of photographers with a variety of skills and techniques which can be tailored to suit any commission.