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Kim Raftopulos shows a range of abstract approaches here in these archival prints. The paintwork creates a variety of effects, from the subtle silvered layering of "Grey on Pink Abstract", which plays with ideas of covering up and obliterating past gestures, to "Boomslang" which verges on stick - figure figuration evoking archaic cave painted forms. Gestures at times echo the square of the support but this is contrasted by a spiralling, scrawling gestural vocabulary which is less premeditated and more child-like, reminiscent of Jean Dubuffet's "Art Brut". The large black forms create weird gestalts alluding to primal figure/ground relationships.
Grey on Pink Abstract
Grey on Pink Abstract

Acrylic on board


80 by 60cm. (32" x 24")
£ 2640
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Green Abstract Boomslang
Green Abstract Boomslang, Edition of 50

Acchival large print


117 by 86cm. (46.8" x 34.4")
£ 1020
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Red on Black Abstract
Red on Black Abstract , Edition of 4

archival print


79 by 59cm. (31.6" x 23.6")
£ 790
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