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Mohammed Yasin Saddique  cv
Motivated by a recent trip to Pakistan, Mohammed Yasin Saddique is simultaneously working on a series of head studies, and landscape paintings." I was intrigued by the impressions on people's faces, each one telling a story of anguish and hurt which is hidden behind the happy face, and I was impressed with the vibrant landscape of Pakistan…" he says. Saddique's works can be found in private collections in various European countries, the United States, England, India, and Pakistan. Saddique lives and works in London and Pakistan. Born in the UK in 1976, Mohammed Yasin Saddique is a self taught artist.

pastels on paper


11 by 15cm. (4.4" x 6")
£ 140
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Head of a Man
Head of a Man

Pastels on paper


38 by 56cm. (15.2" x 22.4")