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Tony Scarisbrick

After qualifying with a degree in illustration from Middlesex Polytechnic, Tony spent 19 years working in the graphic design industry as a studio manager for a London Design Consultancy and also an Advertising Agency. In 2002 he moved to the Peak District where he works as an Artist specialising in oils on board. His work is mainly of local scenes which provide him with an abundance of inspiration from an unspoiled part of the world. His work is exhibited by art galleries in the Peak District and surrounding areas.
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Otto Schade

With German parents, Otto Schade was born in Chile in 1971, and now lives and works in London. His dual nationality has enabled him to successfully exhibit his paintings in both countries. Fascinated by detail, pattern and repetitive form, Otto uses a variety of mixed media to help him physically reflect texture and surface qualities, and uses colour to intensify the illusion of it. Otto Schade has work in private collections worldwide and has had solo exhibitions in Berlin and Santiago and more recently in London.
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Gary Schofield

Southend-based artist Gary Schofield has recently returned to painting after a careeer in furniture design and 3d virtual graphics." When painting, I like to invoke childhood memories, especially those of mechanical toys. At the moment I am enjoying working very strictly, bisecting the picture plane with dynamic shapes that echo the metal and plastic forms of my reminiscences."
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Roger Seaton

Roger Seaton's digital explorations in colour and form aim to reflect the sort of natural and organic pattern found in nature. His use of fluid, yet repetitive mark creates a sense of order and pattern, a theme which is recurrent throughout this series of works. Roger looks to nature for his inspiration and his influences can be found in a broad range of areas, from ripples on a pond to organisms viewed through a microscope. Whether its Volcanic rock to rusted metal, the uniting aesthetic apparent throughout all his work seems to be his graphic use of repetitive mark and enjoyment of pattern and colour. Roger Seaton trained as a graphic Designer predominantly working in Europe and Scandinavia.
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Elizabeth Seifert

With a definite sense of colour, Elizabeth's oil on canvas paintings reflect her love for rich, fiery reds and cool sapphire blues. Combining both hot and cold colours and by her use of organic form and spatiality, Seifert creates abstracted imagery which is both fluid and organic.
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Sita Shah

Art has always been a passion for Sita Shah. Born in Kenya and of Indian origin, Sita Shah now lives and works in London. After completing a MEng in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London, Shah began painting as a way of unwinding from the day. Finding her inspiration from the landscape she draws on Indian and Kenyan culture to help create her works.
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Nasim Shahid

Nasim Shahid has been a professional artist for over five years and has participated in a variety of exhibitions across the UK. Having completed a BA in Fine Art from Northbrook College, Worthing, UK, she went on to successfully complete an MA in Painting at Brighton University in 2002. Her strong use of rich earthy reds, oranges and blues seek to enrich and deepen both the style and content of her work and allow the viewer to reflect beyond the represented form. "My work is an exploration of the meaning to be found behind the veil of reality." She says. Predominantly a figurative and landscape artist her work has been featured in, UK Women Artist Diary, and Leisure Painter magazine.
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Catherine Shevlin

Catherine Shelvin's paintings seek to communicate with us on a purely emotive level. Using vibrant colour, form and line, her work explores the combination of pure abstract elements to evoke a direct response from the viewer. Drawing on intense feelings of joy, truth and hope, her work hopes to affect our emotion and mood by submerging us into a world of positive colour. Catherine Shevlin studied Fine Art at Ulster Polytechnic and Winchester School of Art. She presently teaches art at a small specialist unit for children with medical problems, in Blackpool.
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David Shiers

These are paintings which would bring life, colour and beauty to any room in any house. In his affordable artwork, Shiers paints the wonder of the English coastline, complete with boats floating in harbours and the setting sun reflecting off the swell. He handles the light with a deft skill and creates works which would make the perfect gift for someone you love. In his work the viewer can almost smell the sea air and feel the calm of a summer stroll on the beach. When he turns his hand to city scenes, the streets of New York become his subjects with impressive results. Beautiful and charming, you will want to view these pictures time and time again.
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Sergiy Shkanov

The universe is concerned with perfect circles. In the art of Sergiy Shkanov, these circles represent the physical shape of our plannet and the endless cycle of memories. He paints the earth floating in a golden sea of nothingness, a colourful ball of thoughts and feelings. He also creates work inspired both by the Russian Constructavists and the sunny spaces in the Canary Islands. He shows the maze of sunshine, splitting the world into shell-like blocks of colour. To Shkanov the landscapes are soaked in feelings, invisible outlines shape the emotions we feel in a particular setting. He is not so much concerned with the shape of a place as he is the relationship the viewer has with it.
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