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Sergiy Shkanov

The universe is concerned with perfect circles. In the art of Sergiy Shkanov, these circles represent the physical shape of our plannet and the endless cycle of memories. He paints the earth floating in a golden sea of nothingness, a colourful ball of thoughts and feelings. He also creates work inspired both by the Russian Constructavists and the sunny spaces in the Canary Islands. He shows the maze of sunshine, splitting the world into shell-like blocks of colour. To Shkanov the landscapes are soaked in feelings, invisible outlines shape the emotions we feel in a particular setting. He is not so much concerned with the shape of a place as he is the relationship the viewer has with it.
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Chris Sims

Chris Sim's Collagraphs, although abstract in appearance, seem to reflect landscapes which are familiar to the artist. His natural sense of colour and instinctive mark making allows him, through the uses of simple abstracted form, colour and mark, to construct and reflect a real scene or journey. Using Collagraph printmaking to construct the image always allows for the happy and the unexpected.
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Ella Sipho

Ellaís approach to painting involves the application of abstract ideas with emphasis on texture and abundant colour. Ella embraces abstract painting as a form of creation. From a blank canvas, to become something. Her objective while painting is to overlap colour using flowing fluids combined with brush strokes, finger strokes and physical rotation of canvas to create various levels of texture.
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Steve Slimm

There is a productive tension in Slimmís work between the representation of actual place and abstract expressionism. Delicate watercolours of solitary trees rub shoulders with large monumental vistas of standing stones and waterfalls. Cornwall is clearly a source of delight to Slimm and he appears to love to reflect the light in his work. Yet often rooting paintings in place also serves to spur his imagination leading to more dramatic gestural compositions.
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Juan Sly

Urban art is a combination of street art and graffiti. Cult Artist Sly is one of Londonart's best sellers. His original artworks have the ballsy, spontaneous attitude of street art and Sly offers a way to transfer this edginess onto your own wall.
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Julian Smith

Julian Smith creates expressionistic paintings in oil on canvas. Working across genres, Julian hopes to provide a range of styles and tastes to suit the discerning buyer. Julian has undertaken portrait commissions, recently creating a series of 'famous faces'. His wide variety of subject matter extends from wildlife and pet portraits to sailing ships and seascapes. Julian's work is in many personal collections across the UK.
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Renee Smith

Creating two separate series of works; Funktion and Mirage, Renee specialises in acrylic on board. Her 'Funktion' Series finds inspiration in the past and draws on retro inspired shapes. "This series is funky, colourful and adds boundless energy to a space. Designed to appeal to the eye, create attention and respond to its surroundings, these pieces fit form within space on a tonal playing field." Her Mirage Series, somewhat timeless, take influence from Monet's 'water lilies'. To Renee they are "purely expression through brush, with a thought to attend to the eye". Currently residing in the French Alpes, Renee has spent the last three years touring South East Asia.
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Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith lives and works in Brighton, East Sussex. She returned to painting after having a family: "I moved into a very contemporary house and none of my old pictures seemed to fit with the ultra modern decor...I started to paint suitable abstract canvasses using vibrant acrylics and I haven't stopped since."
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James Smith

Intrigue and ambiance abound in these wonderfully lit portraits. They speak of a world of unease and ask eternal questions about people and their surroundings. The images mix portraiture with abstractions, bringing in an otherworldly dimension to the portfolio. Mothers and children lie in cosmic landscapes that glisten with colour, interesting compositional devices, colour schemes and ideas. James is not an artist who limits himself to just one style, but instead infuses each canvass with a multitude of concepts; each one handled with flare and panache. As decorative items, these paintings represent excellent value and would bring a slice of colour and spiritual interest to any living or working room. By using acrylics, the artists manages to bring a vivaciousness to his shades that would light up any corner of any space.
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