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Christine Harfleet

Christine Harfleet's work is inspired by a "fascination and appreciation of the earth and its natural rock formations - fossils with their hidden secrets, sea and water movements and plants and cell life." Drawing plays an important part in the creation of her work and forms a strong foundation to her working practice. Sketching directly from life when out on location, Harfleet uses her drawings to help recapture the form and feeling of nature once she is back in the studio. Educated at Goldsmiths College of Art in Fine Art, where she gained a degree and postgraduate Diploma she currently specialises in photography, sculpture and painting. Christine Harfleet lives and works in Brighton where she regularly exhibits her work.
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Henry Herman

Henry Herman has been sculpting in wood for over 30 years and lives in the rural Cotswolds. His passion is horses, especially the Arab breeds: riding, breeding, drawing and sculpting them.
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Alun Heslop

Alun Heslop is a contemporary chair maker/designer creating new, innovative chair forms. Reinterpreting a sense of the traditional with an eye to the future. Designing and creating harmonious and aesthetically pleasing chair sculptures.
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